Lampen Wraith how to Unlock?

The question mark on the lamp wraith ist annoying. Is there a Trick to find him or can ist only bei found opening chests? Any hint how to get him?


  • Hi Miguel!

    Which level are you at in the game?

    I've got the Lamp Wraith creature available. I got him by advancing in the game and updating my creatures.

  • If the lamp wraith available, how to get the sun gems? I always play in heroic mode but I never saw at least or possible sun gems for legend sun gems

  • Hi Miguel and Anastasia,

    The Lamp Wraith is a Legendary creature meaning that it is very rarely sighted in Solgard. You are most likely to get one from the larger chests at the end of each world, getting to rank 12 in Hero Arena, doing well in Boss Arena during the weekends or visiting the shop and open the chests that cost diamonds there. It's not guaranteed that you will get one so you have to keep at it. There's also a small chance of getting one from other chests as well.

    I hope this helps,



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