Level 115?

Any tips on how to beat this? Seems the monsters attack and respawn way too fast to do anything.


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    Do you have access to Grimbash from the red faction? She is very good for negating enemy attacks from your key damage dealers. Otherwise may I recommend something like Lamp Wraith from the purple faction for AOE DoT or Ghast for targeted monster damage. Rock Gronch is always a solid unit for any purpase from the green faction. Yellow faction has a lot of utility, you can pull out the Elfling if the enemies that are attacking are few but powerful, or Flame Strider as a similar role to Rock Gronch, or if you have a Sunblade you can use him to soak up some damage with a shield growth passive...Sunblade is bugged though, his attack passive doesn't work as intended. I'm fairly certain when I did 115 I was using Grimbash (red) Flame Strider (yellow) Rock Gronch (green) and Ghast (purple) I've defeated the stage on heroic as well, in which I used Grimbash, Sunblade, Rock Gronch, and Lamp Wraith. The only 2 heroes that I truly believe are mandatory are Grimbash and Rock Gronch, yellow and purple really do have quite a few options. The purple faction has Mire Wyrm for poison and solid attacks, and Tusker is great as an instant attacker with buffing abilities. Yellow has Elfling and Rotbite both in the common slot as instant attackers, both with high critical rating. Elfling can hit targets surrounding the one it's hitting, and Rotbite makes the opponent more prone to being critically stricken. Easier obtained reds are Rough Paw, Valkyrie, and Hobling. Rough Paw plays an identical role to Tusker from the purple faction, quick striking with a buff to nearby heroes. Hobling has a turn hold, but has a stun to targets directly in front of him, I would consider him a lesser version of Elfling. And Valkyrie has random chip damage upon combining, along with a decent critical and block rating, her burning passive can do some chip damage to new spawns, but I personally don't favour her.

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    Solid answer Fated4Glory! Your helpful replies on the forum has been noticed.

    >> Michael; did you manage to get through the level?

    I wish you both the best of Nordic karma in your game quest and hope to see you around :-)


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