Treasure caves

Heya guys,

Im wondering which setup you use in treasure caves for better farm?


  • Hi Kyoma,

    I really like to use Fire Strider. Not sure if he's the best performer in Treasure Cave but his lava filled morning star always does the trick for me.

    I'm also a big fan of Grimchop and even though he'll have to wait a round before attacking then he can still do a lot of damage to the roots in the cave.

    Which creatures do you currently use?

  • i've learned not to go for square attacks since there are no enemies.  Just get 3 in a row as fast as you can to get that gold quickly.  Anyone disagree?

  • Better you use your strongest creatures that you will prepare / already fight with them in Hero Arena. Be successful. ???

  • I’m Level 14.75 and I use Wyrm Wrangler, Fire Strider, Rock Gronch and Night Cast. I try to hit the back wall as much as possible to get more gems to fall and let Wyrm Wrangler sweep by and collected them.?

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