New epic creature - Wink Warg!

Emerging from the solitude of Crystal Deep's caves, the Wink Warg is finally ready to join fight against the frost!

Gather those sparkling Mystals and collect this enhanced beast!

All you'll have to do is make sure you're at least at Hero level 5 and have played the first 35 levels in Campaign mode.

The event starts today at 19.00 CET and ends 26th of August at 19.00 CET.

Once available you'll be able to collect mystals in Rainbow and Treasure Hunt to unlock the new epic creature Wink Warg.

Good luck in your quest!


  • Sounds great!

    But do you have any information about the World 5 ando the update will comes out this weeksite or next month?! ?


  • The hype is real!


    4 more days for everyone to get to level 5 and after that, Wink Warg awaits! I can't wait to have him!

  • Yeah about world 5, any information about it Mark?!

  • You also need an eligible creature of each color to participate.  

  • Level 8 hero and currently on level 80. I still don't have an eligible green fighter for the Rainbow challenge... I question whether that was intentionally done or not.

  • edited August 2018

    Hi guys,

    You'll need to gather the mystals in the Rainbow and Treasure Hunt events. Treasure Hunt does not require any specials creatures, however the Rainbow event varies in required creature type. During the Wink Warg event there'll be plenty of chances to grab mystals so just hang in there - should one of the Rainbow events not match your creature selection then simply come back a bit later and enter the next Rainbow event.

    @Sēïfãllåh >> The Nordic gods are currently terraforming the landscape, paths are being build and creatures and trolls are waiting patiently with trolleys in order to move in and inhabit the world. My lips are sealed for further details as I do not wish to call the wrath of the gods ;-)

    - Mark

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