Offline Rewards

I play like 5/6 game in offline mode. But when i return online i didn't recived any Rewards.

This game is the top! Good job!!

I can't add the Image of my ID so i write it.

ID: 332f31e3-2ef1-4b83-9efc-bded18b9c4ee

Thank you!!!


  • Hi there Andrea!

    Thanks for game feedback :-)

    We'll do a check on what happened with your purchase. Update to follow.

  • edited August 2018

    I've seen this once.  I was on the train underground and lost service while opening a chest and when i got my service back, the chest was claimed but I dont think I received anything as my gold was still the same amount.  I'm not worried about it as it was just one chest but I can say that I've seen this bug as well.

  • Hi Andrea,

    We did several off line test and found that the rewards were indeed given but since there's no dialog box or popup stating this, then it might look like you didn't receive the items.

    @Itchy >> The gold will be added, even in offline mode and then synced to your player account once your back online. We're working on making the game feature with dialog boxes so you'll be able to confirm that all offline rewards are being given.

  • I have the same issue and unfortunately playing a lot offline... including bosses with no rewards...
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