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Solgardians of all around the world!


We're so thrilled to see all of you here providing great feedback, not hesitating to ask questions and also always keen on helping others. We already have some community members that are helping others from minute one and we are loving it!

From the get-go, this community has been putting out some great content out there, but we want to see even more!

To all of you out there who are still trying to figure out the details of the world of Solgard, here is a good index of content that can help you new Solgardians get started with this amazing game!


Our Official Beguinner's Guide

Understand the basic game rules, learn the basic defense mechanics, or take a look at the multiple game modes (which are key to maximizing your potential as a player). There are multiple different tabs there so take a look if you haven't yet!


Our Creatures' section

Curious on how many characters are already out? Do you want to know what are the special abilities of Doomlin? Or the story behind Nightcast? Just check it out and make sure you follow the links on the right to see their stories and special abilities.

And plenty of other Game Guides!



Alliestrasza: The Basics


Alliestrasza walks us through the very basic concepts of the game as well. After 10 minutes, you'll be able to know everything for you to get started in the game!


Shredded Puzzle's tips and tricks



These 20 minutes of Shredded Puzzle will give you a really good overview of how a battle takes place. This video is great to understand how to set your lineup or why certain characters work in certain ways, along with a better understanding of the terrain, the hourglasses and their meanings, among many other things!


And that's about it for now! This is just some content (both user-generated and content of our own official site) that can help you understand the game and fight your way up to.

However, I want to start this thread as a way for all of you to point out content that helped you or, who knows, for you to share a link to a guide you just made in this very same forum!


Let's help each other as much as we can, because that's what we do best here at Legend of Solgard! Well, that, bringing the heat and kicking some ice!





  • Hi Solgardians!

    Today we have two new fresh guides coming out your way!

    • Idols Guide - If you want to know what this items are, where to find them, how to craft them, etc, make sure to check this article out!

    • Ability Dust Guide - All the information related to Ability dust and how it works in order to power up your abilities is available to you in this awesome guide! 

    If you have any questions regarding these or any other of the current guides out there, don't be shy and ask away!

    These guides have also been added to the index above for all of you out there to have an overview in case any aspects of the game are unclear to you!



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