Completely stuck at 6, hit a wall

Should say 64.

Cannot proceed, ice dragons regenerate too fast to compensate. Huge difficulty spike as soon as you hit the 60s. At this point I have to wait for days to gather enough materials to possibly level up.

Energy cost for 60s is 8 per attempt, really difficult to even advance at this point. 


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    There are a lot of hard levels.  Starting at 45, I hit some real walls, but with strategy and luck I've been managing to eventually get past them, on 69 now, some of my fellow guild mates are in the 70s (71 is supposed to be very hard) but no question some levels are quite painful.  If Elf doesn't work try Cracklehoof.  If you have Gronch to sub in for the dwarf guy (forget the name), try that -- Gronch (with at least one level in his first skill) is what got me past 68. 

    68 is probably a similar level so let me tell you how I did it.  68 has an ice dragon in the center and 2x8 strength hitters that jump around a bit.  You can't ignore any of them or you will get ripped up -- some combo of Elf stuns, Gronch skill damage with buffs from the bear got me through.  Got to stun, kill, stun until the enemies are gone and keep doing damage.  One key is try not to build gronch where he will get taken out before he shoots his skill boulders.  

    The mud throwing gopher guy is supposed to be very helpful on 71...but his mud is useless on 68 because the enemies are not in the front row.  

  • I'm stuk at 64 also. Working the same strategy as ArtNJ suggested, but I think I need to be leveled up before I can beat it. I'm at lvl 7 right now. What level were you when you beat 64? 

  • I was level 7.  I'm not sure I had gronch for 64, but I've found him very important lately.  I'm at 76 at the moment, been cruising since I used Gronch to break my log jam on 68.  Haven't had too much trouble with any levels.  70 was a bit hard, and 71 is said to be hard, but isn't too bad if you use the mud throwing guy plus elf, but most of the rest can be done with the standard strategy.  Other than that, been smooth sailing. 

    FYI, if you can get it done, there is a significant benefit to getting to 8 today since arena seems to reset tomorrow.  

  • Rank 2 bear, elf, axe guy and witch should have through 64. Try use the bear wisely with his rank 2 skill. And if you think 64 is hitting the wall, get ready for the titanium wall at 65.

  • Thanks, beat it. Trying 94 now. Need more dwarves...

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    How did you pass lvl 75? For me completely no chance to kill all the wolfs. I blow all the bombs fast, but after it becoming disaster. 

  • for that one, you need to build defenses and square shapes to block multiple lanes.  Thats how I did it.

  • for that one, you need to build defenses and square shapes to block multiple lanes.  Thats how I did it.

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