How to beat map 71?

Any advice for map 71? It seems even with the luckiest of placements and big combinations they just do way too much damage, am I the only confused what to do here?


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    That said, it's not you, it's the level! Level 71 is, as of now, one of the hardest levels in Solgard in my opinion. It takes time, the right setup and also a bit of luck. I'm sure that you'll pass it at some point. And I'm hoping that for this, some other top players come and help you out.


    It took some time for me too, but I'm sure you'll eventually manage! And in the meanwhile, all the other events always help you improve your characters and have overall higher chances of passing it!


    Stay strong and do not despair!





  • Mudscrape, Elf, Bear and Rock Gronch and it shouldn't be that hard.  The addition of Mudscrape's stuns makes a big difference, and Rock Gronch should be a default once you get him.  

  • On level 71 I only have 3 creatures.  My yellow creature option has a picture of a pad lock on it.  Is this normal?  If not how do I remove the pad lock so I can choose my 4th creature?

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    that stage only allows 3 creatures so you can't remove the pad lock

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