Elfling or Cracklehoof?

Been pretty lucky with yellow dust, so I can boost one enough of their skills enough to matter.  My Elfling is rank 2, Cracklehoof is 2/3 of the way to rank 2.  Need to pick one to dump the dust into.  Any suggestions from pre-global players?


  • Similar question, is it generally worth upgrading creatures higher up in the list? I’ve been using Cracklehoof but can upgrade Elfling. 

  • Hi ArtNJ and Flashtek!


    Xarly here, Community Manager of Solgard. First of all, nice to meet you two! I've seen some comments of you, ArtNJ, helping other players on other threads and I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for helping us build this community together!

    That said, I'd say it's a tricky question and a matter of personal preference. Cracklehoof is more of a defender in this case, whereas Elfling is key if you're able to master those stuns. I tend to prefer having a very strong Elfling but that is just my two cents, because I find the option of stunning at concrete times game-changing for concrete levels. However, for some levels where you're facing a massive army of Frosties instead of one big boss, Cracklehoof might come in handy.

    Like I said, it all depends on the scenario! I hope other players can come here as well and share their thoughts because it's indeed a good question you guys have there!


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